Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons (Steel Shaft)

The Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons have been designed to enable you to hit the ball higher, more consistently and straighter than ever.

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Callaway have used the extraordinary light and incredibly strong Exo-Cage technology in the head design to position the weight into specific areas that will help generate an incredibly high MOI for enhanced forgiveness, faster than ever ball speeds for distance and a low CoG to help launch the ball easier into the air. 

Also integrated into the Big Bertha OS iron head is the excellent 360 Face Cup technology. 360 Face Cup technology will increase COR, COR is the speed at which the face flexes so that the ball comes off fast for impressive distance gains. 

A Tungsten-Loaded Standard Wave technology helps further lower the CoG to promote the high, towering ball flight that is needed to attack pins. 

A progressive CoG helps provide a seamless transition from long-mid-short irons, by lowering the CoG on the long irons you get a higher, softer landing ball flight, the mid CoG in the mid irons promotes a high, controlled ball flight and the short irons have a higher CoG t promote maximum control for all round performance. 

Callaway have fitted the Big Bertha OS irons with the lightweight True Temper SpeedStep 85 steel shafts.

More Forgiveness and Ball Speed from New Exo-Cage Technology
The uniquely light-and-strong design of the Exo-Cage allows more weight to be positioned in strategic locations to increase forgiveness while also helping our next-generation 360 Face Cup technology to function more efficiently.

Even More Ball Speed from Next Gen 360 Face Cup
Next-generation 360 Face Cup technology elevates clubface COR closer to the USGA limit to produce even faster ball speeds and more distance.

Higher Launch for Longer Carry from Tungsten-Loaded Standing Wave
Tungsten-Loaded Standing Wave technology in the sole lowers the center of gravity to promote a higher launch angle for longer carry and more ball speed on hits low on the face.

Progressive Center of Gravity for Increased Control
Progressive Center of Gravity technology entails moving the CG location progressively lower in each head from the highest-lofted to the lowest-lofted, promoting higher launch and long carry in the long-irons and increased control in the short-irons.


Name Loft 
Standard Length 
Swing Weight 
#4  20.5°  RH/LH  39.125"  60.50°  0.260  D2 
#5  23°  RH/LH  38.50"  61.25°  0.240  D2 
#6  26°  RH/LH  37.875"  62.00°  0.220  D2 
#7  30°  RH/LH  37.25"  62.50°  0.200  D2 
#8  34.5°  RH/LH  36.625"  63.00°  0.175  D2 
#9  39°  RH/LH  36.00"  63.50°  0.150  D2 
PW  44°  RH/LH  35.75"  64.00°  0.125  D2 
AW  49°  RH/LH  35.50"  64.00°  0.100  D2 
SW  54°  RH/LH  35.25"  64.00°  0.100 D2 

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