US Kids UltraLight Hybrid 2016

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The Hybrid club head is designed with low and deep center of gravity making it easier to hit thanlong irons. The head is more stable at impact which helps with off-center shots.Product Features Player's Skill Level - Beginner (UL - UltraLight) K-Flex graphite shaft Appropriately sized grip Headcover is not includedSpecifications: Height Range Loft Age Swing Speed 39 Player (WT-30u) 31 degree 3-5 years old N/A 42 Player (WT-25u) 28 degree 4-6 years old N/A 45 Player (WT-25u) 28 degree 5-7 years old N/A 48 Player (WT-20u) 29 degree 6-8 years old N/A 51 Player (WT-20u) 29 degree 7-9 years old Up to 53 mph 54 Player (WT-15u) 27 degree 8-10 years old Up to 58 mph 57 Player (WT-15u) 27 degree 9-11 years old Up to 63 mph 60 Player (WT-10u) 26 degree 10-12 years old Up to 68 mph 63 Player (WT-10u) 26 degree 11-13 years old Up to 73 mph

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