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When playing golf, keeping track of your score is essential. This helps you to improve your game, as well as keeping track of it. It is ideal to keep you scorecard somewhere safe, not only so you can get to it easily, but also so it does not get damaged. The PGA Tour Scorecard Holder allows you to make your scores on the golf course in style. It is a mini organiser packed with handy golf accessories, such as extra tees and a pencil. It is the perfect gift for any golf fan. 

The scorecard holder is made from synthetic leather and has a very smart and stylish look to it. The holder can be secured shut, so your accessories and scorecard do not get lost or damaged if the weather is not as good. What is more is that the holder and organiser actually clip onto the golf trolley. This means that you can have your stylish holder within easy reach at all times, so you can always write down your score accurately. The PGA Tour Scorecard Holder is available in black and really is the perfect accessory for anybody that is a keen golfer.

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