Cobra King MIM Wedges
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Cobra King MIM Wedges Cobra King MIM Wedges Cobra King MIM Wedges Cobra King MIM Wedges

Cobra King MIM Wedges

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The COBRA KING MIM Wedges are a first in category, they feature the first fully metal injection molded (MIM) head that allows for precision craftsmanship for increased performance. 

Dexterity (Hand)
Zboží skladem, dodání do 2 dnů.

MIM (METAL INJECTION MOLDED) 17-4 SS CONSTRUCTION - MIM Technology delivers precision shaping and thickness controls. Unlike forged wedges, MIM manufacturing eliminates the need for post-process hand polishing to deliver the most precise shape and performance repeatedly in every wedge we manufacture.

 Inspired by Rickie Fowler’s custom ground wedges on tour, an updated Versatile ‘Tour’ Grind features additional toe relief for maximum shot versatility desired by the best players.

PRECISION CNC MILLED FACE & GROOVES - CNC milling delivers a perfectly flat face, precise lofts and highly accurate groove shapes to optimize spin and trajectory performance for improved scoring.

Wider, shallower grooves in the weaker lofts (50-54°) and narrower, tighter grooves in the stronger lofts (56-60°) deliver consistent trajectories between wedge lofts.

PREMIUM CHROME FINISH - Chrome plating delivers long-lasting durability and better looking aesthetics to ensure that golfers get the most life and game enjoyment out of their wedges.

COBRA CONNECT™ - An electronically-enabled grip works in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie smartphone app, allowing users to track their stats and improve their game.

COBRA have made the KING MIM Wedges available in 6 lofts ranging from 50° to 60° to ensure you get the correct distance gaps covered. COBRA have also fitted the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Connect grip as standard. 


Loft Bounce  Grind  Lie AngleOffset (mm)Length
(w/ CONNECT Grip)
(w/ Standard Grip)
Swing WeightShaft FlexHand
50° Versatile  64° 1.0 36" 35.75" D2 S RH
52° Versatile  64° 1.0 36" 35.75" D3 S RH/LH
54° 10° Versatile  64° 1.0 35.75" 35.5" D4 S RH
56° 10° Versatile  64° 1.0 35.75" 35.5" D4 S RH/LH
58° Versatile  64° 1.0 35.50" 35.25" D4 S RH
60° Versatile  64° 1.0 35.5" 35.25" D4 S RH/LH

Shaft & Grip Option

KBS Hi-Rev 2.0  Golf Pride Tour Velvet CONNECT - Black

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