US Kids Tour Series Inch 8-Club Iron Set (Graphite Shaft)
US Kids Tour Series Inch 8-Club Iron Set (Graphite Shaft)

US Kids Tour Series Inch 8-Club Iron Set (Graphite Shaft)

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The US Kids Tour Series 8 Iron Set is their most technologically advanced set of irons and will deliver the perfect blend of forgiveness, launch, consistency and shot making precision. 

Dexterity (Hand)
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Based on data collected via a partnership with Trackman, US Kids have been able to design and create a set of golf clubs using the correct weight of shaft, head and grip that will benefit those of an advanced level. 

The head used on the US Kids TS3 Tour Series set features a stainless steel design with a deep cut cavity and low CG location that will optimise launch and spin whilst offering excellent forgiveness from the perimeter weighted design.  

As with all US Kids products they use premium and innovative technologies to fit their shafts. The TS3 Tour Serieshas an individually tuned height/weight specific graphite shaft for precise performance. The graphite shaft features a low kick point to deliver the ideal trajectory for the advanced junior.

A quality classic Tour Velvet style grip has been fitted to the set and appropriately sized for the 57" - 63” category golfer.

  • Optimal Height Range 57 in. to 60 in.
  • v10 model (10% lighter club heads than adult)
  • J-Flex Shafts frequency matched and spined
  • Low flex point for optimal ball flight
  • Appropriately sized grip (replacements available)

Clubs included in this set:

  • 5 Iron, Graphite Shaft
  • 6 Iron, Graphite Shaft
  • 7 Iron, Graphite Shaft
  • 8 Iron, Graphite Shaft
  • 9 Iron, Graphite Shaft
  • Pitching Wedge, Graphite Shaft
  • Gap Wedge 52, Graphite Shaft
  • Sand Wedge 56, Graphite Shaft
Height Range 
Swing Speed 
57" Player (WT-15) 10 years old approx  Up to 64 mph and up 
60" Player (WT-10) 11 years old approx  Up to 69 mph and up 
63" Player (WT-10) 12 years old approx  Up to 74 mph and up 

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