MKids Junior Driver
MKids Junior Driver MKids Junior Driver

MKids Junior Driver

Reference: CR-WMK_57Driver

The MKids Junior driver is available for each of the heights that MKids offer and each of the drivers are made from the same premium components as the package sets so they compliment the set perfectly.
Dexterity (Hand)
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The heads sizes and lofts on the MKids Junior drivers are progressive so that they are proportional to the age of the golfer that it is aimed at and to aid them with consistency, forgiveness and launch.

MKids have used a Pro Launch lightweight graphite shaft in the Lite range (45”, 49”, 53”) and a Grafalloy Pro Launch graphite shaft in the Pro range (57”, 61”, 65”). All of the MKids drivers have been fitted with a Lamkin junior grip that gets progressively larger as you go up in height.

  MKids Lite
MKids Pro
Driver  45" Yellow
5-7 Years
49" Orange
6-8 Years 
53" Red
7-9 Years 
57" Green
9-11 years 
61" Blue
10-12 Years 
65" Graphite
12-14 Years 
Volume   280cc 280cc 280cc 360cc  360cc 360cc
Loft 18 deg  18 deg  18 deg  14 deg  14 deg  14 deg 
Length 30”  33"  35.5"  38.5"  40.5"  42.5" 
Grip .460"  .460"  .480"  .480"  .500"  .500" 

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