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Mizuno MP CLK Hybrid

The Mizuno MP CLK hybrid gives you a modern alternative to long irons and with the adjustable hosel design it will allow you to precisely choose the correct loft to stop distance gaps. 

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Whatever you golfing ability you will benefit from carrying the MP CLK in your golf bag. The faster better ball striker looking for a 1 ir 2 iron replacement can crank the loft of the number 2 hybrid down by 2° to get his desired flight and a mid-slow swinger can have up to four of these awesome high, straight and long hybrids in their bag, replacing those hard-to-hit long-to-mid irons. 

Confidence inspiring at address, the MP CLK hybrid features their Amplified Wave Sole design that will deliver faster balls speeds as well as pushing the weight lower and more forward for a low spin flight. 

A 1770 maraging face which is ultra-thin helps create consistently fast ball speeds across the whole face. 

And then you get the right way hosel setup that gives you the option of 32 independent settings to fine tune your long game.

“We all play our CLK’s a little differently – with faster ball speeds, we’ll tend to slot them in before a 3 or 4 iron. For mid and slow swing speeds 2, 3 or even 4 CLK’s in the bag become a great way to maintain some yardage gaps.” Bill Price, Custom Fit Manager Mizuno.

Amplified Wave Sole

Delivers more energy for faster balls speeds, while pushing weight lower and forward for a high, low spinning flight.

1770 Maraging steel face
Ultra thin, durable face material for faster ball speeds and freedom to create a more stable clubhead.

Versatile playing profile

Sitting exactly between a long iron and fairway wood, the CLK is equally at home from the fairway or tee.

32 set up possibilities

With four different heads, each with an 8-way adjustable hosel, there's a setup, flight and look to suit the most sensitive eye.


  2 3 4 5
Length  40 40.5 40 39.95
Swing Weight         
Loft  16 19 22 25
Lie  56.5 57 57.5  58

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